Grace Episcopal Church
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All Saints Chapel liturgies are celebrated during the summer months in the same manner as celebrated at its mother parish, Grace Church in Sheboygan. The bishop of Fond du Lac, Bishop Matthew A. Gunter makes an annual visit to the chapel located in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.

All Saints Chapel

After prayerful consideration, a decision has been made to open the Chapel for the remainder of the season, on Sunday, August 1. The Chapel offers services at 9:00 a.m., continuing through Labor Day weekend.

The History of All Saints Chapel

In the late 1930s the Reverend A. Parker Curtis, Rector of Grace Church, Sheboygan, and his Curate, the Reverend William Elwell, began using a room at Sharpe's Resort to offer Eucharist for Episcopalians on vacation at Elkhart during the summer months. The gathering in that room came to be known as St. Francis by the Lake.

During World War II, services were suspended, but directly after the war, a band room in a public school was used for services. Eventually it was decided that a chapel should be built in the area. Grace Church bought a small piece of land, one hundred feet square from the Arndt Estate.

All Saints Chapel

Before and during the construction, Bill Hayssen and Bishop Brady worked very closely with Satre and Senescall Architects, in association with Richard Phillip of Milwaukee, who directed the efforts, before and during the construction. In 1951 the chapel was completed as it had been agreed upon. The agreement was to have a chapel "suitable for use in the summer and the year round if the need arises." Bishop Brady consecrated the chapel in 1951.

The chapel is constructed of native field stone, partially plastered. A wooden beamed ceiling is used throughout the chapel. The floor is a special slate used all over the area and is also used in complement with the floor of the Walsingham Shrine in Grace Church. Many examples of the gothic look of this chapel can be found throughout Sheboygan County.