Grace Abounds
A media ministry of Grace Episcopal Church


Daily Office Basics
Praying the Daily Office teaches you the origin of daily prayer in the Christian church, how to find your place in the prayer book and the Bible, and each of the three parts of daily office - the psalms, the lessons and the prayers.
Thinking Theologically
The focus in Thinking Theologically is to explore the philosophical and rational bases for faith, and to equip the student to distinguish (for her/himself and for others) the distinctions between faith as founded upon reason and “faith” as a “will to believe” (fideism).
New Testament Greek
Explore the New Testament in its original language.
John’s Gospel: Insights in the Original Greek
Participants will explore the Gospel of John using an interlinear bible, in which both the English text and the original Greek appear. Learn how to better understand what is happening in the gospel, and the message of the gospel, by gaining insight into how the original language is different enough to allow us to see an otherwise familiar message in new light.