Grace Abounds
A media ministry of Grace Episcopal Church
Full services and individual sermons from Grace Episcopal Church Sheboygan Wisconsin
Educational classes and programs from Grace church and the Diocese of Fond du Lac
Informational programs about the church and our community.
Programs from the church beyond our local congregation.
Daily Office Basics
This 5 part series will teach you how to simply and accurately pray Morning and Evening prayer from the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) and Bible.
Traveling the Way of Love
Turn. Learn. Pray. Worship. Bless. Go. Rest. Join host Chris Sikkema as he meets Episcopalians and others across the Church traveling the Way of Love.
John’s Gospel: Insights in the Original Greek
In this course we will explore the Gospel of John using an interlinear bible, in which both the English text and the original Greek appear. We’ll explore how to better understand what is happening in the gospel, and the message of the gospel, by gaining insight into how the original language is different enough (e.g., in how verbs work, in how what a “case” system for nouns reveals about what is being described) to allow us to see an otherwise familiar message in new lights. And we’ll also be able to dive more deeply into John’s Gospel by studying it systematically.
Rule of Life
Be the kind of person you were created to be. Adopt a rule of life . Practices that help us focus our attention on what God is doing in our lives and the world around us, to help us be more attentive to God, and our lives in God. Five Disciplines - every Sunday gathering to worship, daily prayer, weekly fasting, keeping Sabbath and daily examination of the previous 24 hours, where has God been active in your life and where you have been responsive.