Grace Episcopal Church
Christ, Community, Compassion

Sunday Mornings 9:00am St. Nicholas Hall

The Language of Faith
Adult Education hour will feature instruction and discussion on how we express our faith. What we believe and trust in, what we do in the practice of religion, the questions we ask, the ways in which we look upon ourselves and share any insights with others—these are things which are first experienced as intensely personal. In order to be able to better understand how God is forming me, I need to be able to use words (to myself). And I can never share faith with anyone else unless I can first “share” it with myself by being able to put an experience into words. Our classes will focus on how we can describe the experience of faith first to ourselves, and then how we can share this experience to help others come to know and love and serve God. The emphasis will be more upon how we describe faith for our own continued growth within it. Equipping people of faith for evangelism will be a secondary focus. Come prepare to ponder what it means to “believe”, what words we use in prayer (and why), and how any of this can be shared.

Thursday Evenings 7:00pm St. Nicholas Hall

John’s Gospel: Insights in the Original Greek

In this course we will explore the Gospel of John using an interlinear bible, in which both the English text and the original Greek appear. We’ll explore how to better understand what is happening in the gospel, and the message of the gospel, by gaining insight into how the original language is different enough (e.g., in how verbs work, in how what a “case” system for nouns reveals about what is being described) to allow us to see an otherwise familiar message in new lights. And we’ll also be able to dive more deeply into John’s Gospel by studying it systematically.

To participate in this course will not require any prior study of Greek. You won’t need to know the first thing about Greek. The insights we’ll gain will be gained together on the bases of resources used together and discussion engaged in together. Join us, to know this gospel to a new depth.

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