Grace Episcopal Church
Christ, Community, Compassion

The Rev. William L. Bulson - Rector

Fr William Bulson grew up in the Diocese of Lexington and studied Slavic languages and literatures in college and graduate school, and went to Virginia Theological Seminary. He has studied abroad in Russia and Turkey and has lived in Italy and Japan, including service in the Diocese of Tokyo for seven years. He has served in churches of various social classes and has worked most in multi-ethnic and –lingual congregations, including serving a majority Hmong congregation in the Diocese of Minnesota. His ecumenical work has been especially with the Eastern Orthodox. He has spent time as a novice monk in a contemplative Episcopal monastery in Wisconsin and is an oblate in the Order of Julian of Norwich. He is an avid reader of poetry and literary biography, is an enthusiastic but sub-par Japanese gardener, and could talk for hours about jazz and hockey.

The Ven. Michele E. Whitford - Priest Associate

The Rev. Michael J. Burg - Deacon

The Rev. Paul D. Aparicio - Deacon


Dr. R. Benjamin Dobey, Organist & Choir Director

The Rev. Nicci Beeck - Parish Administrator