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Ministries to Our Community

No parish family can be spiritually healthy until they decide that their most important ministry is to work toward the transformation of the local community. An important question is: "If Grace Church were to close, would anyone in Sheboygan notice?" At Grace Church, we believe that it is important to help God's people find opportunities for service in the local community. Here you will find a few of those ministries for which we offer prayer support in addition to our time and donations. If you would like to become involved in one of these ministries, please contact us at office@gracesheboygan.com.

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Ministries to Our Nation

All ministry is transformative. If we want to impact the lives of God's people in this country, it is important for us to take ministry beyond the local community and to serve where the need is greatest and the impact will be most significant. Unfortunately, recent national tragedies have created opportunities for the Church to intervene and minister. Here you will find just a few of those opportunities and ministries which we offer prayer support in addition to our time and donations.

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Ministries to Our World

We believe that it is important for the Christian to experience and participate in the work of God in diverse and foreign cultures. Hannah MinistryMinistry to some of the world's neediest people and communities can lead to a radical transformation of one's life. While an opportunity for you to participate in a foreign mission trip may not be for you, here are a few opportunities for you to make a difference through either prayer support, time or a monetary donation in faraway places.

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Outreach Update

As of the 18 May Vestry report outreach provided in the prior month was to a total $2,183.68. This includes:

  • A $1,000 parish contribution to LoveINC.
  • An $800 contribution for LoveINC rent, as paid by a parishioner through the Rector’s Discretionary Fund.
  • $383.68 in relief for 3 medicals cases and 2 housing cases.

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