What If? (Thoughts about ministry expansion)

  • What if we had 10 unaffiliated people per week checking in to see what we and our church are all about?
  • What if it were really simple and non-threatening to increase that number to 100?
  • What if it took just a little bit of trying to get that number up to 1000?
  • What kinds of things would happen if we knew there were 1000 people every week curious to know what it's like to go to church at Grace?
  • What if a ministry that is useful for in-reach could be a successful outreach ministry as well?
  • What if that ministry was simply a projection of the things we have always done, and intend to always do?
  • What happens if we take one of our strengths, and unique qualities (as Anglicans), like the daily office, and share that with the people around us?
  • What if some of those people thought that it would be worth their while to donate to the church as a charity, for their participation?
  • What if those donations could grow into a self-sustaining ministry?
  • What if the research shows that the generation known as the Millennials are hungry for tradition, are finding liturgy very useful in developing their faith, and searching for worship homes that allow for the immensity of God, as well as the quiet of God?
  • What if we are in a position, by happenstance or intelligence (God's, not ours) that makes us a perfect landing pad for Millennials, and others looking for a church home?
  • What if we had the tools to reach out into the community, county, state, nation, and world with the same effort across the board?
  • What if we had a focused goal, in ministry, as a church to bring the word of God to the world?
  • What if that goal didn't require sacrificing who we are, but instead reinforces who we are?
  • What if we are being called to do this?
  • What if...

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