Worn Out, Beat Up, and Tired

As we close out Lent and Holy Week and everyone has their eye on the "prize" (Easter) I sympathize with those who are so very busy during this week. My own tiredness is partly due to a lack of discipline regarding my sleep schedule, but it also is a reflection of the fact that I am trying to do more in the day, and finding it difficult.

For our clergy here at Grace, and most definitely all over Christendom, Holy Week is a frantic chase to make sure everything gets done, on time. On top of a work week thrown into overdrive, is the other work that goes on in the week, daily services.

At Grace, this is not unusual in-and-of itself, we have daily mass and morning and evening prayer, and sometimes more, but the drama of the week is wounding. And no matter your strength, adding wounds will wear you down, and you'll feel more and more beat up.

At Grace we are starting something sort-of new. For years we have been posting recordings of the Sunday sermons on our website ( www.gracesheboygan.com ), and now we are adding to that. We have started posting three audio files to the website per week, now going on two weeks.

There are three separate series running simultaneously; all together these make the GEC podcast. First is the Sunday Sermons. Second is called "Voices of Grace" which will be conversations, articles, parish life, and other news. And Third is called "Sounds of Grace" which will be sung daily offices and musical offerings.

This is a Grace Church ministry, this is not a Fr. Karl or a Nick Whitford ministry. If you have something that you want to discuss, present, or offer. Or if you have ideas or suggestions please let us know; the more voices the better.

If you want to know more about why Holy Week is so tiring, please listen to the newest "Voices of Grace" where I sit down with Fr. Karl and ask him questions about Holy Week. In it you will hear more about the drama of Holy Week and why we are all waiting for dusk on Saturday.

Please check it out, let us know what you think, and enjoy your Holy Week!


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