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Spring is here, and as we know here in Wisconsin that means, there's a mess outside. The youth group noticed this problem and a couple of weeks ago, we grabbed some gloves and garbage bags and we picked up litter all the way around the church building, and the surrounding block or two.

I didn't put it in the newsletter before because I was struggling with whether or not I should tell everybody, or keep it quiet. In the bible Jesus tells a parable about a Pharisee who prays loudly about how well he follows the Law, so that others to notice that he is being devout. While another person who is struggling in mind and body prays silently and earnestly for forgiveness for his sins.

In this story obviously the Pharisee is obnoxious, proclaiming to God, but really to those around him, how great he is for doing good things. The other man is a tax collector, and a Jewish tax collector has a lot of bad stigma surrounding them. However it is the person who prays quietly that is justified. So, I'm struggling with the line, "all who exalt themselves will be humbled, and all who humble themselves will be exalted."

Obviously, by now I've decided that advertising that we did something helpful (if not good) is in our best interest. I feel that the more I can keep the activities of the youth group front and center, the more likely their actions will be noticed at all. Our young people are amazing, and busy, and stressed, and trying to find their place in the wider world, but for a couple of hours on a Sunday evening we stopped, and picked up the trash outside their (our) church.

We are not asking thanks or congratulations, that is the opposite of what we want. I just want you to know that this happened.

In other news, starting the week after Easter we will be starting a new movie in Film School. We will be discussing the movie "The Fault In Our Stars" in which two young people with cancer fall in love. Afterwards we will have our last movie of the school year called "Stolen Summer" about a Jewish boy who meets a Catholic boy, and learn about each other's families, and what find a community in spite of borders.

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