Sunday Morning Film School

This semester in film school we are digging into relationships. All types of relationships, romantic, friendly, unfriendly, the relationships we have with our parents, God, ourselves. The list can go on.

Our first film is Enchanted (2007) starring Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey. This is a story of Giselle a fairytale princess who is waiting for true-love's kiss. Robert, on the other hand, is a divorce lawyer and much more rational; he is planning proposing to his girlfriend after careful scrutiny of each others strengths and weaknesses; he just needs to break the news to his six year old daughter.

As a class we will take a look at these characters and discuss the ideas they propose about romantic love. On the "God side" we will be looking at selections from the Song of Songs and other passages regarding love, as well as looking at the bible in terms of a marriage covenant between God and his church.

In our first installment of Enchanted we discussed what makes a fairytale a fairytale and what is different in the real world (in a word: dating). There was also general hilarity when one of the songs, in the animated portion, suggests that lips (for true-love's kiss) are the only things that touch between a boy and a girl. I am looking forward to the rest of this movie and the discussion that is already coming out of it.

Until next time,

P.S. - Here is a link to the song I referenced. If you have never seen Enchanted it's a very fun spin on the fairytale genre, and rather joyfully pokes fun at itself. Here's the link: Enchanted

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