Rev. Dr. Karl C. Schaffenburg The Law The 5 books of Moses Torah Pentateuch The “Law” Jesus refers to when he speaks. The central history of how God calls his people and how the people interact with God. Genesis - Beginning! Exodus - Exit - Leaving Egypt and crossing the Red Sea Leviticus - The priestly office Numbers - Named because of a census that takes place within the book Deuteronomy - “Second Law” Deut. - Re-cottifies the law Higher Biblical Criticism - Lower criticism - is it translated well - are all the words there What’s going on? How is it put together e.g. Moses probably did not write all of Deut. since his death is described within the book of Deut. Four different narrative strands Documentary Hypothesis JEDP Theory J - Refers to the German letter with the ‘Y’ sound as the writer always writes the proper name of the Lord - “Yahweh”. Personal God - walking in the garden E - Elohist - Refers to God with the word “God” or Elohim. Less personal God D - Deuteronomist - Deuteronomistic Historian - Goes back and ties together the law P - Pastoral multiple authors, multiple perspectives on topics. First time in history anyone gets to interact with any god and know what the rules are! Before, the gods were random and unpredictable. With this God, the rules are laid out ahead of time.
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