The Postulant's Path

In 2014, Grace Church nominated Bobbi Kraft to be a Postulant in the ordination process leading to ordination as a priest. Each month, Bobbi shares a glimpse of what she encounters along the way on this 3-4 year journey.

"I Believe, Help My Unbelief"

This past month has been a blur of activity! Kaleigh and I returned from General Convention, I said my good-byes to my job and co-workers of the past fifteen years, and got started at purging and packing my house up for our move to Alexandria, VA. There have been moments when I could hardly put my thoughts together to get the words out or speak in complete sentences. In fact, consider it a miracle if this writing makes sense! But then, we live in a world of miracles: small and large!

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been very aware of the miracles in my life that have brought me to this point in the journey.

On Sunday, July 26th, Father John Cell celebrated with us. His sermon could NOT have been more fitting for my “sending”. Both the Old Testament and New Testament readings dealt with those who receive instructions where the “math” just doesn’t add up. Father Cell told us in his sermon that it is very easy to believe in miracles after the fact. However, we are also asked to believe in miracles on the front end as well. Trusting all will be well can be a challenge, even for those of us for whom faith and trust seems a foregone conclusion. For me, the words he shared with us from Mark 9:24 really resounded, “I believe, help my unbelief.”


That’s as far as I got in writing you all before the U-Haul truck was loaded and we hit the road for Virginia Theological Seminary. My first month here has been another blur of activity but life will soon settle into a new groove.

For the past two weeks, the Class of 2018 has been busy getting acclimated to our new surroundings, new companions, and new roles as seminarians. This August term is made up of two classes for most of us.

Our mornings begin at chapel with morning prayer followed by 2.5 hours of either Greek or Hebrew. Many tried to discourage me from Hebrew, but I’m thankful I didn’t listen. It turns out that, though I was not a very good student in Father Karl’s Hebrew class, I now find myself thinking, “Ahhhh, NOW I understand what Father was teaching.” I am grateful for the framework that Hebrew at Grace provided. At the end of these three short weeks, we will have covered the material of an entire quarter of the typical school year.

In the afternoon, the entire community, students and faculty, share the noonday meal together. Then in the afternoon we’ve had a class called “Art of Learning”. Prior to arriving here, I told many of you that the class was a “How to Seminary” course. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The class has us each learning or retooling how we think about learning. We are learning to reframe our thoughts from a theological standpoint. We are examining our own call narratives, each other’s, biblical call narratives, as well as those from the past like those of St. Augustine and Hildegard of Bingen, CS Lewis, and some from the margins like Julia A.J. Foote. Three weeks, three papers due. We then end our afternoons with “Afternoon Tea” hosted by a different department from the community. Currently, our days on “the hill” start at 8:15 AM and end at 4:30 PM. Then we begin our homework for the next day.

As I write this, we’ve just completed our registration for the Fall Semester. Life will soon change once again as we settle the “real” routine of seminary. The returning Middlers and Seniors will soon be here, as well. But first, I will return to WI briefly to help Kaleigh move into her dorm room as she begins her own new journey at engineering school. “I believe, help my unbelief.” Over and over again those words mean so much to me. For both Kaleigh and me, the knowledge that we are covered in prayer and love by our Grace family helps tremendously! Your love, this Body of Christ that we are “knit together” with, allows us to believe. Please continue to pray for us…we are only at the beginning and will need your prayers all along the way!

Yours in Him with thanksgiving- Bobbi Kraft

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