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Here I Am

Here I am. Over and over again, we find those words in the Bible. My recollection is that every time they are found in scriptures, they’re stated by some- one who is either about to say or is saying “yes” to God’s call. I’d share a few examples with you but, as I write this, “here I am” is at camp and there’s little to no Internet signal that would enable me to access the data I want.

That’s what happens when we say “here I am”; answering God’s call sometimes means doing things in new ways (and old) that stretch our abilities. Sometimes there are hurdles that need to be crossed. However, if what we do, we do, for the glory and honor of God and the furtherance of His kingdom on earth, then we the confidence & knowledge that He will provide.

This past month saw the Vestry and parish continuing on its journey to “new life”. This new life has found many on our Vestry saying “here I am” as we try new things and polish the old. All around the parish, people are answering with “here I am” as the Spirit provides ideas and nudges with ways to further the mission and ministry of Grace.

If you are one of those who has said, “Here I am. I can do that.”, thank you! If you feel the Spirit nudging your heart and you wonder, “I am here, but how can I help.”, let any of our clergy or vestry know that you are feeling nudged. What’s on your heart? What do you have a burning desire to see happen? We each are a part of and have ownership of this home that is Grace and its work to spread God’s Word.

>LoveINC, Mark Moran event (July 24th), brat fry at Festival Foods (July 19th)...are all new endeavors and places to spend a little time and help in whatever way the Spirit nudges you to. There are a large number of projects that are taking shape: Mass on the Lakefront; Ebay for Grace: a means for parishioners to donate items that can be sold with Grace receiving the funds and the individual receiving a contribution statement; prayers in church and in homes for the church and the community; the Chapel at Elkhart; new visitor packets and so many other activities and projects that my mind is swimming while I attempt to recall things from memory.

Caution: be prepared. When you say “here I am”, it might not always be easy. It may test your abilities or patience. You may find yourself in the middle of the woods, as I have while writing this, without access to the items/tools you thought necessary to accomplish the task. However, we have a loving God who provides. In the end, you may find that you CAN accomplish the task, in a whole new way…a way that you trust is what God intended and with a sense of joy in knowing that He provided! God is good…all the time!

In Him,

Bobbi Kraft

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