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Celebration and Examination

As we enter this season of Eastertide we continue the celebration that started on Easter Sunday until Pentecost Sunday. In Lent, we start with examining the heap of ashes that is our lives and end with the revealing fullness of life and joy from our Lord’s resurrection. In Eastertide, I see another examination of how that revelation will bear fruit in our reaction to the saving grace of God. This month there are many opportunities for you to shine light on that reaction.

Adult Education, described in detail elsewhere in the newsletter, will encompass this examination by looking at what gifts can be offered by each of us. I recommend that if you have not filled out a Parish Life Survey yet that you do so during this time and put it in my mailbox. As this series moves forward we will be capturing all the gifts that our family has and develop avenues for them to be offered to each members of our body. For an electronic submission you can follow this link: .

Last month we concluded our music ministry forums in examining what that ministry called to look like after our angelic organist retires later this year. It was encouraging to have so many in attendance and sharing of ideas and questions. Thank you to Nicci Beeck for taking notes.  A music survey will be created for further gathering of ideas to guide the music committee.

The Guild of Martha and Mary (Cooking Ministry) is starting to gain traction in its planning phase.  Traci Revis has been heading up the recipe and nutrition effort.  Another parishioner is looking into getting knife sets as incentives for those neighbors-in-need that attend multiple sessions.  Others have started a conversation about expanding the ministry past the relationship with Love INC. into creating a Grace cookbook and other ideas.  If you are interested in attending a cooking session, help gather food, help teach cooking, or any other way to support this effort please inquire with anyone from the Vestry. 

Towards the end of April your Vestry will gather for their annual retreat at All Saints Chapel.  The focus of this retreat will be to build bonds of joy and to examine how our leadership at Grace reflects living in Christ.  I wish all could attend this event because this focus of living in Christ affects more than just this group.  It is so easy to compartmentalize our life in Christ and it’s a struggle that I constantly pray about for more guidance and strength on.  Most of our day is sectioned out for focus on family, work, school, ourselves, etc.  When it comes to our Lord His love for us can’t be kept to a specific hour or day because when we respond all the time His love fills all aspects of our lives.  Which seems weird to think that I can have God in mind when on the factory floor or changing my son’s diaper but it’s true.  This approach is the true meaning of worship.  In every breath we are called to worship our Lord and seek Christ.  Your Vestry will be focusing on how we can live into that meaning not just isolated to our monthly meetings but in all activity with the Church.

I’ll leave you with a reflection on Grace Abounds that was experienced during Holy Week.  We are blessed for our clergy, the altar guild, and so many others that produced all the wonderful services we were offered from Monday to the Easter Gala.  What brought joy to my heart was to not only witnessing all the lives that were touched but to hear of the lives that were touched by the live streaming that the Grace Abounds team was able to provide.  I heard stories of parishioners in the hospital, at work, or traveling on Good Friday but were able to still watch and hear the liturgy.  Others on Maundy Thursday were kept from the church due to weather and instead watched the service and washed each other’s feet at the same time we did!  It’s about a year since the idea of Grace Abounds was conceived and truly the Holy Spirit was active then and still is in this ministry. 

I pray that as we continue our celebration in Eastertide we also continue our examination of what parts of our lives can be opened to Christ.  I thank the Lord for all our blessings and pray for guidance as we share these blessings with the world.

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