Senior Warden ReportPaul Aparicio


Growing Pains

Last month, your Vestry focused on finding parishioners that might be interested in specific ministries that are part of this year’s mission. There was a lot of response throughout the church and part of that response involved some hesitation. There was a sense of: “I’m not sure what I’m signing up for”, “That sounds like a lot of work and I don’t know if I have time for that”, “I’m not an expert, how can I contribute”. All of these feelings of overwhelm, uncomfortablility, and uneasiness about our mission this year is exactly what you should be feeling. That means the Holy Spirit is working and is challenging all of us. These are spiritual growing pains.

If you ask any person that has discerned their role in the church, whether it’s to the ordained or a lay ministry, most will tell you that when the process started they felt nervous, unprepared, and decided to hop in Jonah’s convertible and drive away from Ninevah. I have yet to run into someone who when asked for the first time to live more in Christ say “Oh that sounds easy, sign me up!”, “My schedule is wide open, let’s do it!”. That’s not how God works so it shouldn’t be what we expect. We have to realize that if we truthfully want to fulfill our baptismal vows and live in Christ there will be pain and uneasiness. It’s our trust in God and reliance on each other as a church that will bring success.

There’s a phrase that is often tied to these feelings that is “God never gives you more than you can bear”. Which sounds good and hopeful but technically is not what He does. What is true is that He has sent His Son to us so that through Christ a Church can exist where no one has to bear their burdens alone. We together make up the Church and through our mutual ministry our mission will succeed. That Church is needed more than ever at Grace. In recent times, we have had parishioners that are overburdened and have felt alone in the struggles of keeping ministries alive. My biggest fear is that the overburdened will begin to doubt their faith. It’s easy to go down a road of self-doubt where you rely on your faith as strength and yet a ministry fails or doesn’t happen due to poor planning or not enough manpower. No member of our Church should feel that way as long as we share the burden.

So as we continue into March where our next step is to put action into our ministries. All of our ministries need more sharing of ideas, sharing of manpower, and sharing of planning. Put trust in your Church that through each other and Christ this all can happen. And I want you to know that you are not alone with the growing pains that are here and might get stronger. We are surrounded by a community of love and support as we take on these new spiritual burdens. I pray that each of us can start to drive toward our own Ninevah and when the weight of our ministry becomes too much it is through the embodiment of our Lord Jesus Christ that we can share the burden.

Your Brother in Christ,

Paul Aparicio

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