Senior Warden ReportPaul Aparicio


The Work of God’s Kingdom is Unending Here on Earth

Over the past month there has been a LOT of activity regarding stewardship, youth & family ministry, vestry retreat, and planning efforts for programming that will take place between September and December.  In addition, we have had some gains and losses regarding the budget that have us holding our own while facing a deficit.  Meanwhile, the life of Grace doesn't stop in order for these additional activities to take place.  SO much is going on and there is always more to be taken care of!  In the midst of it all, it’s easy to find oneself frustrated or in need of relief; and at moments it can sound like we’re complaining.

At our last month’s vestry meeting, some may have sensed a level of frustration: either regarding the areas where we've struggled or the lack of recognition of the improvements being made. At times, we can find ourselves both frustrated that we aren't doing “enough” or that we are doing “too much”. In reality, both are true; Grace Church IS struggling and at the same time Grace Church IS improving.  It is with great thanksgiving that, with a gentle nudge from God via Paul Aparicio, Father and I have come to recognize an understanding of the “glass half empty/half full” concept.  What a wonderful example of “we do ministry together”!

We do need to celebrate the strides we are making in the many areas that this parish has needed to focus on over the past couple of years.  Yet, we have much more to do.  Along the way, we have had the blessing of a rector who keeps reminding us of our need to keep moving forward, follow through, review, refine/restructure, and move forward again.  Over and over we are and will be called to do this because the truth of the matter is that the work of God’s Kingdom is unending here on earth. Along the way, it will be important celebrate the successes (no matter how small) in order to encourage each other and each others’ living out God’s calling on their hearts.

Corinthians 9: 6-15, Paul reminds us that we need to sow bountifully in order to reap bountifully.  We are reminded to give thanks for that bounty.  He says that we will be enriched in every way and that our seed for sowing will be multiplied. That means that, if the seed is multiplied, not only is there more seed that can be celebrated but also additional opportunities for planting and harvesting: more to share and do.  When it comes to His Kingdom, our goals take on a spiritual nature and are bigger than just a budget or programming or other activity.  Our goals are about sharing God’s grace and gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.  To that end, our “glasses” will ALWAYS be half empty and half full all the time.  In fact, there will also be times when our “glasses” are completely empty while, at the very same time, also being made completely full! 

Thanks be to God for the rich blessings He has provided us and for the call He has placed in our hearts regarding the needs of His Kingdom.

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