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Library Notes - December 2016


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Mary Massey & Bobbie May

Advent is a season observed in many Western Christian churches as a time of expectant waiting and spiritual preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas. The term is a version of the Latin word meaning "coming".

Cowley, Patrick.  Advent : its liturgical significance.  260 C83f

What is the true meaning of the Church's season of Advent?  Few people take this season as seriously as, for instance, Lent is taken, and there is considerable confusion as to what is the purpose of Advent, which is generally assumed to be a preparation for the feast of the Nativity.  In this short and readable but scholarly book Prebendary Cowley shows that so far from this being the case, the real meaning of Advent is concerned with the end of the Church's year, and indeed with the end of all time.  “This essay,' he writes, 'seeks to make plain the essential liturgical meaning of the Advent season so that its good message of hope and joy may once again possess Church people in all its fullness.”

The glory of the Lord shall be revealed : keeping a holy Advent with Nashotah House.  242.33 Ad1

Advent is the annual reminder that we, too, may find and be found by Him.  The Incarnation is the affirmation that God has found us and is, even now, making all things new.  It is this joyful expectation of Christmas that has led to this collection of Advent meditations from many friends and associates of Nashotah House.

Nouwen, Henri J. M.  Advent and Christmas wisdom from Henri J. M. Nouwen : daily scripture and prayers together with Nouwen's own words.  242.33 N8

Advent is that period of great anticipatory joy to prepare for the celebration of Christ's arrival in Bethlehem as a helpless infant.  The date commemorating his birth begins the Christmas cycle of the liturgical year, a cycle that runs through the Sunday after the feast of Epiphany.  This book is designed to be used during the entire period from the First Sunday of Advent to the end of the Christmas season.  Reflections for each day in this book begin with the words of Henri Nouwen taken from various sources of his writings.  Following that quotation is an excerpt from Scripture related to the quote. Next is a small prayer based on the quote and the Scripture passage.  Finally, an activity is suggested for applying the messages to one's daily life.

Merton, Thomas.  Advent and Christmas with Thomas Merton.  242.33 M445

Advent and Christmas are special times for all Christians.  The spiritual longing of the Advent season can only be satisfied by the joy and celebration of a Christmas focused on Jesus' birth in our hearts.This book gives readers the opportunity to experience Advent and Christmas in a way the unwraps the spiritual joy, allowing it to shine brighter than all the tinsel and trappings that can blind our eyes to the deeper meaning of the season.  This book is arranged for use on every day of the Advent and Christmas seasons.  Each day's reflection begins with a scriptural quotation, continues with a thought from the writings of Thomas Merton, and concludes with a prayer for the day.

Pierce, Gregory F. Augustine, editor.  Christmas presence : twelve gifts that were more than they seemed.  263.915 Chr

Discover the true meaning of Christmas through the eyes of twelve contemporary spiritual writers.  In warm and engaging stories from their own lives, they share the simple truth they have come to know about the greatest of all mysteries, the presence of the divine spirit in the material world.  Christmas Presence is about gifts that were “more than they seemed.”  Each story recalls how a special present or event evoked feelings that remain priceless and unforgettable. 

Federer, William J.  There really is a Santa Claus : The history of Saint Nicholas & Christmas holiday traditions.  394.266 F43

Read the story of Saint Nicholas, 3rd Century Bishop of Myra, Asia Minor (present day Turkey) and how over time stories of his holy, generous life were embellished into legend.  Discover additions by writer Washington, Irving, Rev. Clement Moore, Civil War illustrator Thomas Nast and Coca-Cola artist Haddom Sundblom.  Explore fascinating origins of the 12 Days of Christmas, the Christmas Tree, Carols, Kris Kringle, and relive events occurring on Christmas throughout history: Columbus, Marquette, the Battle of Trenton, the Great Depression, and more.


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