A monstrance (which can also be called as ostensory) is a vessel used to display an object of piety. For example, a small glass case in which a relic of a saint is kept is technically a monstrance. (A small three vessel monstrance is found at Grace over the statue of Saint Joseph, in his chapel.) In general, however, when people refer to a monstrance the meaning is restricted to a vessel used to display Jesus’ Body in the form of the consecrated bread of the Blessèd Sacrament. This display takes place during a service known as Benediction of the Blessèd Sacrament (which happens at Grace as part of the annual Walsingham pilgrimage). The vessel is an elaborate construction of gilded metal, with a glass center surrounded by gilt arms that acts as a display of rays of light. All of this is affixed to a pedestal base which is held by the minister of the service.

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