The Daily Office is the form of prayers and lessons used an a daily basis to practice devotion to God, and to be instructed in Scripture. The Daily Office consists of Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer, together with the Noonday Office and Compline (said before retiring at night). All of these prayer services are found in prayer book, together with a list of readings (the lectionary) that gives the lessons from the Old Testament, Psalms, New Testament, and gospels for each prayer service. Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer are found in both Rite I (traditional language) and Rite II (modern language) versions.

The Daily Office may be prayed and led by any person; one need not be ordained. Many people pray the Daily Office privately, but the prayers can also be offered in a public service.

The Daily Office rationalizes into four services for each day what had been the old monastic office of seven prayer services. Most people who pray the office include Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer, or one or the other, as part of their devotional practice. Some add the Noonday and Compline services, although this practice is rarer because the lessons do not vary at noon and bedtime. If the office is prayed using Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer every day, over a two year cycle the vast majority of the Bible is included in the lessons.

Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer are offered each day at Grace in public services.

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